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Location and vocation = perfect combination!

As our clients and candidates know, Irving Scott is a family business with a strong vocation to serve those who confide in us. We choose to work from Notting Hill, with Kensington and Chelsea as our neighbourhood, because we strongly believe this West London location is essential to facilitate the comprehensive assistance we offer families and members of staff.

Whilst maintaining an international perspective that closely monitors and benefits from opportunities arising in any area of the globe, we are nevertheless aware that our business premises mirrors our promise to be readily available. Candidates are grateful for an accessible location for interviews. Clients are pleased to note that we can accompany new members of domestic staff on occasion and can meet face to face on site if required with minimum inconvenience.

As founding partner Paloma Irving says:

“The demographics, the elegance, the energy and the proximity of West London were all factors which we considered when deciding to locate in Notting Hill. We have been here for 5 years and feel extremely fortunate to have found the perfect location for our flourishing business”.

This dynamic and vibrant part of London suits the needs of our multi-cultural clients and candidates who are often new to Britain and seek a blend of the familiar with a helping of the best of British. Here you can find a Philippine church, a Persian restaurant and an oriental supermarket within walking distance, not to mention providers of kosher, halal, vegetarian and gluten-free items. Yet within this mix are the quality butchers, bakers, grocers and fishmongers that make this neighbourhood a favourite for lucky residents like ourselves who have made it our home as well as our business location.

For our clients with a high media profile, having a discreet Notting Hill location is essential. Here the famous are anonymous. Rarely do paparazzi haunt our corners. We are able to make domestic arrangements for clients all over the world and for those who are our closest neighbours. On every occasion, we at Irving Scott know that being where we are is nothing but an advantage.