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On the world stage, London deservedly holds its own as a diverse, thriving, culturally rich city, and Irving Scott is proud to reside at the heart of one of our most attractive cities.

Nonetheless, not every London resident is able to fully profit and thrive from its remarkable opportunities. Homelessness is an increasing, complex issue, with all forms of homelessness having risen due to the shortage of housing and ongoing effects of the recession. The homeless population of the UK has doubled since 2010 alone.  For these reasons, and to allow individuals a chance at pursuing rewarding, stable lives, Irving Scott has partnered with Crisis, a national charity for homeless people, in attempt to remove barriers and create opportunities.

Crisis benefits from an immensely professional, hard-working national team who dedicate their expertise to alleviating the restrictions against homeless people, and campaigning for change.

Their life-changing services not only serve the homeless community, but also seek to educate and inspire others using strategic messaging and education.  This is essential to understand the legal and societal causes behind homelessness, which are commonly misconstrued or ignored. As their website attests; “A home provides roots, identity, a sense of belonging and a place of emotional wellbeing. Homelessness is about the loss of all of these. It is an isolating and destructive experience and homeless people are some of the most vulnerable and socially excluded in our society.”

Irving Scott is proud of its pioneering and ambitious base of clientele, who welcome diverse staff and create job opportunities.

Therefore, we are donating minimum 1% of our yearly gross profits to Crisis, as they continue to unite a vast network of volunteers, professionals and like-minded groups to improve conditions for homeless people, not only in London, but across the UK. Bolstered by their “Five Year Strategy”, Crisis is taking considerable steps to expand the scope of its functions, such as employment and education, as well as open new Crisis Skylight centres across the country.  These movements are essential to helping men, women and children move beyond the vulnerability of homelessness into stable and rewarding lives.

Moreover, as Crisis is eager to find new solutions for employment, Irving Scott will attend their “Employment Platform”, to help scout for new prospective talent who may be promising additions to the Irving Scott team.

Similarly, we will be running regular household hospitality courses in the future, giving especially allocated places to Crisis members. Crisis will be our charity of choice, and we will be eager to coordinate with our extensive base of high profile clients to foster new partnerships and connections between them and Crisis.  Our clientele is compassionate, driven and sincere, and we know they will share our passion for the brilliant work that the team at Crisis do.

To learn more about any of Crisis’ inspiring initiatives, and unique accomplishments, head to their website.