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VIP Coaching & Mentoring for Private Staff

High-end private staff make sacrifices.

But is sacrificing your happiness and mental health going too far?  Owner & Operator of VIP Coaching & Mentoring, Kevin Gallagher, thinks so.

A recent survey carried out by VIP Coaching & Mentoring discovered that 40% of private household staff have episodes of feeling isolated or lonely.

“I was very shocked to discover that so many people working in private homes were feeling lonely or isolated. It really is a huge number. You often hear about older people suffering from loneliness, not high-end domestic staff.”

Furthermore, the same survey found that 20% of private household staff have experienced mental health issues that are directly associated with working in a private household.

  • 30% of private household staff speak to their principal or work colleague if they had a bad day at work.
  • 60% either speak to a friend, family member or partner.
  • 10% don’t speak to anyone at all.

“Feeling lonely isn’t a mental health issue, but the two go hand-in-hand.  Feeling lonely or isolated can have a negative impact on your mental health and having poor mental health can increase your chances of isolation.”

VIP Coaching & Mentoring was formed for the sole purpose of supporting private household staff and to improve the standard of care available to them.  Coaching is completed online.

“I’m well aware of the toll that round the clock service takes on the lives of those that work in private households.” says Kevin, who is experienced in working within formal and informal households, with both high and ultra-high net worth clients.

60% of private household employers don’t support career development

“There’s a common misconception that working in private households is all luxury and glamour.  The fact is that stress, anxiety and the breakdown of relationships or friendships can accompany isolation and loneliness. Your physical health can also suffer; We can all remember skipping exercise, eating on the go, or eating the wrong things, simply because we’re short of time or exhausted after a long day.”

“I want to see happier and healthier staff. There’s currently 66,000 people in the UK that work in private homes.  It’s clear to me that they need and deserve more support.”

Kevin explains that he coaches a range of private household staff online, via Skype.  Kevin currently has clients in LA, New York and London, but is “happy to help anyone, anywhere as long as they are open, willing and committed.”

70% of private household staff said it would be beneficial to have a coach or mentor that they could work with when they start a new job

“Someone who’s being bullied at work, or feeling lonely and isolated has very different needs to someone who wants personal development advice or is looking to advance to the next stage of their career.”

VIP Coaching & Mentoring work with agencies, employers, and direct with anyone employed in a private household.  There are two main services which are available for purchase: The 6-month plan (£300), which offers an introductory session, followed by six coaching & mentoring sessions and the 12 month-plan (£540), which offers an introductory session, followed by twelve coaching & mentoring sessions.

Please further information please contact Irving Scott for an introduction.

Kevin has been coaching and mentoring in one form or another since 2006 when he started working with teenagers in care.

In recent years, Kevin’s put his skills to use in schools, colleges and private homes.  Kevin is a British Army Veteran who served as a frontline Combat Medic in Afghanistan.