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The Changing Language of Domestic Service

Twenty-first-century households are dynamic work environments with fluid circumstances, which rely upon professional advice from exclusive staffing agencies like Irving Scott to identify their staffing needs. Many private household staff agencies are quick to label positions with euphemisms. We at Irving Scott prefer to identify the role and find a laundry specialist when one is needed, a manny when sought and a domestic couple as required.

A client will ring us with a role in mind. We listen to the requirements with an open mind and a clear head. We jot down the most important attributes desired. We list any inconveniences. We support our clients in their quest to identify the role that their household truly requires. Once we are satisfied that they know what they require, we proceed to advertise their vacancy.

The precision we use in describing positions is tangible even simply glancing at our current vacancies. The roles of family office staff are clearly identified. Desirable skills are combined with an outline of key duties. Laundry supervisors are informed of details such as fabrics, techniques and styles preferred by the principal. Housekeepers are provided with a complete job description to make sure they are fully informed of the responsibilities they are undertaking. Every household is unique; therefore every position within a house has its own set of nuances.

The key to writing a job description for household staffing is to provide the right balance of information. Whilst our top priority is to maintain our clients’ anonymity, it is only fair to potential candidates that we are clear about the personal circumstances of each client. Some housekeeping employment agencies are coy about the size of the property, the number of rooms to be serviced, and the grounds on which the household is set. We at Irving Scott prefer to set the scene with facts rather than create grounds for confusion among potential candidates who may have varying expectations.

Once clients and candidates find a domestic recruitment agency like Irving Scott, they become savvy and loyal to what we provide. With finely-tuned recruitment practices expertly crafted to provide a comprehensive service to household staffing, we at Irving Scott make our hard work appear seamless. We speak the changing language of domestic service. We know how to identify that role which will transform a household from a pleasant abode to a radiantly happy home.

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