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Approaching Brexit for Private Household Staff

With Brexit on our doorstep, we at Irving Scott have acted proactively to preempt difficulties that may face our business and the services we supply to our clients. Joining forces with professional bodies such as the Recruitment Network we have voiced concerns about placing British private household staff candidates on our books with clients based in the European Union, among other issues.

Since our launch in 2013 around 30% of the private household candidates we have placed have been European citizens.

We are aware that the current proposal to allow European migrants to reside in the UK for two year periods to carry out service based roles is unattractive for those who pay an agency fee. We can put minds at ease.

When tasked with matching a client with ideal household staff for their individual circumstances, we know that suitability is the key. We have firsthand experience of positive placements where clients have gone the extra mile to organize a visa for a desirable candidate who did not have the necessary permit. The resulting win-win scenario reminded us of the importance of keeping an open mind.

There is little doubt that the post-Brexit trade deals will allow flexible movement agreements with other regions in emerging markets. This step towards agile global recruitment is to be welcomed. Highly skilled individuals capable of fulfilling specific roles in domestic and private residences are a worldwide asset.

Households will always aspire to maintain the highest quality staff in their teams.

As an industry, private recruitment is not price sensitive. We know that private household staff salaries are likely to increase as the initial impact of Brexit means a decrease in the available candidates. However it is precisely in the area of candidate availability that Irving Scott excels. Our solid reputation and success rate affords us an unrivaled registry of candidates who have placed their trust in us.

Rest assured that while we continue to put pressure on the right bodies to iron out issues such as visas and work permits, we will continue to find the right person for the role, regardless of their nationality.

It is what we do best.