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The American Women’s Club: A Collaboration

In addition to Irving Scott’s support of Crisis, we are proud to celebrate our collaboration with the American Women’s Club (the ‘AWC’), a unique and historical society encouraging an expansive framework of social, cultural, educational and philanthropic activities for its members living in London. Irving Scott is as proud of its clientele as of the incredible causes we are fortunate to support, and the unique make-up of the AWC is a seamless fit for Irving Scott’s ethos and business practice. Today, Irving Scott sheds a light on the diverse causes and activities offered by the AWC.

Founded in 1899, the American Women’s Club has greatly expanded from its original members, including the likes of Lady Randolph Churchill, mother of Winston, and Mrs. Herbert Hoover. Once the AWC clubhouse was established in 1916, it became a focal point for the cultural and philanthropic endeavours of prominent Americans living in London during the epoch. Following the war, then President Mrs. Curtis Brown founded the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas, ‘FAWCO’, under the UN umbrella – to which the club still proudly and actively contributes in both the U.K. and abroad. Moving to Upper Brook Street in 1946, the AWC’s revered fundraisers, balls and events have become an essential thread of the rich tapestry of its history (with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, the Duchess of Kent and Princess Alexandra all featuring on the guest list at varying points).

Fast-forward to 2017, and its activities have expanded greatly – from regular visits to museums and cultural centres, to fostering volunteering opportunities for its members across the city. This is best exemplified by the AWC’s continued support of the Ronald McDonald House through its volunteer service. Here, once monthly, members gather to create beautiful home-cooked meals, and those who are unable to attend support via contributions.  Similarly, the American Women’s Club supports the American International Church’s soup kitchen, based on Tottenham Court Road, providing volunteers twice a month for food preparation and service, as well as clothes distribution to those in need.

These charitable initiatives are meted out in coordination with their lively and invigorating cultural programme, featuring an evolving roster of speakers and presentations each month. For Americans seeking a community of like-minded individuals, with a broad range of interests, the AWC is a welcoming and friendly environment.

Irving Scott will be sponsoring the American Women’s Club for a year, as they absorb new members, engage with new and varied social activities, and continue their charitable contributions. This partnership seems a natural fit for Irving Scott, as we have a proud portion of American clients whose transitions to the UK we are dedicated to making as seamless and efficient as possible.

Many of our clientele are global citizens, with a foot across the pond, and we, like the AWC, heed the administrative and domestic challenges this can produce.

The AWC has over a century of experience in welcoming and absorbing new members into local communities, just as our staff come from backgrounds reflecting decades of experience with domestic staff. Both we and the AWC aim to make the day-to-day activities, administration and cultural lives of our clients rich and varied.

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