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Irving Scott X Listique

It is with great pride that Irving Scott presents its sister business, Listique, a directory of luxury products and services for those who live in London.

In our role as leading boutique domestic staffing agents we pride ourselves in sourcing services above and beyond our expert field of recruitment. Over seven years Irving Scott has built up an impressive network of business partners who provide practical support for our clients in areas as diverse as legal services, jewellery valuations, refurbishments, VIP travel, entertainment, health and fitness. In particular, we discovered we had in-depth knowledge of services for London’s elite residents and this inspired us to create Listique, the luxury directory where the very best of the capital’s businesses, artisans and providers are listed.

A meeting of minds

The symbiotic relationship between Irving Scott and Listique is mutually beneficial. First of all, there is the straightforward advantage of appearing on our sister site with a listing that targets a higher quality demographic of visitors to our page than could be expected from a visit generated by a non-curated browser search. Likewise, Listique benefits from first-hand word-of-mouth recommendations from Irving Scott’s clients who are luxury market service users.

When Irving Scott candidates are matched with their ideal job, our relationship continues. A working friendship is built, where candidates know they can contact us with any enquiry, and we will go above and beyond for them every time. Thus one of our butlers, seeking a silversmith for our client with whom he now works, or a nanny we successfully placed is tasked with seeking a party planner, they don’t hesitate in dropping us a line. Now, with Listique, we are able to provide swift answers from a database that we have built-up and made available online in its Listique format for the sake of exclusive dissemination.

Authenticity is key

Listique shines with the seal of approval of Irving Scott’s loyal clients. Every single listing contained within Listique’s curated directory comes with a glowing first-hand recommendation. We have been diligent in our advice to our sister company and Listique has listened carefully. We at Irving Scott are uncompromising in standards; our sibling Listique is unwavering in calibre. Branching out to support a directory such as Listique has been an enriching experience. Irving Scott and Listique have shared knowledge, shared purpose and similar goals. 

Business milestones met

The launch of Listique marks another important milestone for Irving Scott. Within five years of gaining market relevance we have achieved market recognition in the competitive sector of upscale domestic recruitment.  Now in our seventh year, and cleverly building upon the solid reputation we have earnt, Irving Scott proudly presents Listique, a directory which delivers solutions to clients who value our opinion. Along the way, Adam Winogrodzki Irving has set a path to become one of the city’s most sought-after business consultants for London’s luxury footing. 

The facts of the matter

Listing your exclusive business in an accessible manner to the target market that suits your services is Listique’s aim. Providing sensible, authentic and relevant advice is Irving Scott’s motto when in collaboration with likeminded businesses. It was only a matter of time before Listique surfaced as a credit to Irving Scott’s diligent approach to making life easier for clients and candidates alike. Want to be part of the picture? Contact us today to pitch your idea.

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