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Irving Scott X Manto Household to Provide Training for New Domestic Staff

You’re looking to hire a new housekeeper, you’ve finally found an experienced candidate and offered them a job, only to find out that you’ve been gazumped at the last moment by an offer of a salary far higher than the going rate, their own house, less hours or in some cases, all three. If this scenario sounds familiar then you’re not alone – far from it. 

The combination of Brexit and Covid-19 has created a shortage of workers across many industries including domestic staff. Not only have many top candidates moved home to Europe and decided not to return (or are unable to return) but the mass exodus from London to bigger country piles during the pandemic has resulted in the need for more experienced domestic staff with knowledge of managing larger properties and grounds – gardeners are particularly in demand.  

If you’re looking for an experienced housekeeper or house manager with specialist knowledge then be prepared to pay more than the going rate because those who have stayed have far more leverage when it comes to determining their salaries and terms. If you can’t, don’t dismiss the idea of a less experienced candidate – the right attitude, positive disposition and willingness to learn is fundamental and at times more important than extensive experience.

At Irving Scott we have collaborated with Nuria Cantera, founder of Manto Household Management Services to offer domestic staff training. Drawing upon their 25 years of experience managing royal residences, luxury hotels and private residences, Manto offers their clients bespoke property management, family office assistance and importantly in this case, household staff training. 

With Irving Scott’s diligent vetting service and extensive interviews we can put forward those candidates that we believe have the transferable skills and potential to integrate smoothly into your household. The candidate can then go through Manto’s  customised and dedicated training programme which takes place in your own home so that they have a thorough understanding of you and your home’s individual needs and requirements. Nuria also creates digital customised household manuals and inventories so that both principals and staff can easily access important information to ensure the smooth running of the household.

To find out more about how Manto Household Management Services and Irving Scott can help you, get in touch with us today.